Extremely professional and customer service oriented throughout the entire process. They came out to provide an estimate and let me hold on to some of the fabric samples so we could see how they looked against the house at different times of day. When I went into their showroom to see the different models of awning frame they clearly explained the differences and helped us make an informed choice given the functionality we sought as well as the aesthetic considerations. When they installed the awning and I later noticed the electrical wire was visible in an unattractive way coming off the roof, they even came back to find a way to hide it along the gutter, without complaint.

We got quotes from a couple of other companies and their price was comparable for the same product. A high-quality awning is fairly pricey, but we are confident that we received an excellent awning, installed properly, that will last for years to come. We also feel certain that if we ever experienced any issues, they would come right out to fix them. We love the end result and highly recommend them!

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