Solar Shades

Reduce sun glare while maintaining your amazing view with solar screens

There is much to be said about a beautiful view, but some houses pay a price: hot rooms, too much sun, and an overload of destructive UV rays, which can fade furniture over time. Solar shades, also known as solar screens, are an easy solution to tackle all of these problems at once – without eliminating your view.

Maintain Your View While Reducing Glare

Even when the solar sun shades are down, the mesh fabric will allow you to keep the view out of your window. Standard blinds and curtains can block sunlight, but they will also block your view.

Save Energy Costs

Solar shades are great for heat management. Properly installed solar screens can result in a 15-degree difference in temperature.

Reduce Furniture Fading

Solar shades can reduce up to 86% of harmful UV rays from entering your home. This will help protect your furniture and ultimately provide peace of mind.

Eastside Shade & Awning – serving the greater Eastside and Seattle area – is well known for creating and installing durable motorized solar screens that reduce glare and keep your house cool in the summer. We have a variety of options for motorized and manual shades and we also manufacture our own manual, maxi-drop screen solutions.

Let the view in, but keep the heat out with our solar screens. Contact us today to learn more about how solar shades can enhance your home.